It is time to stop leaving your pet behind! Travelling with your furry friend has become easier every year! Now with so many pet friendly hotels, pet friendly restaurants and more, travelling with the entire family feels like a need to do thing! Here are a few tips and tricks for travelling with your pet:
In the car:

  • Just like humans, feed them about three or four hours before the drive. Motion sickness isn't just a human problem!

  • If you're crossing state lines, bring along your pet's rabies vaccination records just to ensure you have a copy on hand.

On the plane:

  • Different airlines have different rules when it comes to allowing pets in the cabin, so be sure to call ahead of time to find out.

  • Try to buy a carrier that takes up the least amount of space — and definitely don't forget a luggage tag listing all of your information as well as any paperwork required.

  • There is one standout program when it comes to bringing pets on flights: JetBlue's JetPaws offers members 300 points each time they board with their pets with a few additional conditions.

At the hotel:

  • Look for accommodations with pet perks, like Kimpton Hotel locations that accept all pets for zero charge, offer pet toys, beds, water bowls and even Doggy Happy Hours at a few select locations.

  • Some hotels give your pet the chance to stretch his or her legs with dog-walking routes or even on-campus dog runs like the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

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We are impressed! Recently outed on social media, Lady Gaga will soon be a proud owner of a pet friendly clothing line! We always knew she loved her furry friends, but we can't wait to see the new styles that will be out there for our own furry friends. We all know what she looks like on the red carpet, and we doubt our pups will be against a meat coat! We will keep you updated with the soon to be new and innovated clothing line!


Lady Gaga dresses her pup up to look like her! Too cute!



They are calling it a "mishap"!!

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Disaster struck quite recently at a Petco in Powhatan, Virginia. Start the sirens, because Petco may not be the pet loving store it has been made out as. Social networking has busting out at the terrible occurrences that happened to Colby Jack, a charming, two-year-old Golden Retriever. This helpless puppy sadly saw hid last day after being forgotten in a drying cage due to the carelessness of an employee at Chesterfield Petco.

He left this little guy in the heat, isn't this illegal in every way possible? The groomer who had been dealing with Colby, left him in the drying cage and forgot. It has been stated that the rep in charge went to a graduation party and dissed the truth about having a pooch under her care The worker did not bring anybody over to take her position – she simply up and left, which demonstrates the gathering was more important than the life of an animal. This amicable canine had been left within the drying enclosure that came to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes and endured a deadly warmth stroke.

Allison Marks, the proprietor of the adored Golden Retriever, was heart broken, as well as radiating with anger. She never expected that such a routine grooming would lead to such a terrible death. After dropping her pup off she felt it rather odd that she was not called within a few hours. She called the store and was advised to meet a Petco worker at an adjacent vet facility while constantly being put on hold. Any animal owner would feel the nervousness after listening to those words. She was immediately informed that her furry son had passed on after being left in the drying enclosure for a negligent amount of time. This "accident" immediately enraged her to the point of notifying the world that Petco may not be so pet-accommodating.

She swung to social networking to report the incident and the story has spread like wildfire accross the world wide web. It has raised a ton of eyebrows and a great deal of distrust is circling around. Could this be the end of Petco or just a mishap? This doubtlessly will have some real repercussions and they may see a decrease in sales after Colby's passing.

Corporate officials communicated their worry and condolences about what had happened.

“All of us at Petco are heartbroken by Colby’s passing. The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care. We are taking immediate action to investigate and understand the situation. Our thoughts are with Colby’s family at this difficult time.” - Petco told WTKR.

Following this incident there was a national report that the reckless rep had been suspended. There is additionally a probability of a charge for animal abuse on both the representative or the store. Corporate offices attempted to ensure the pet owner that after 15 minutes of drying the cage automatically turns itself off. Very few bought this story, nonetheless. As indicated by her vet, Colby's interior temperature was still more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit an hour after the grievous demise.

Puppy dies at petcoNumerous individuals on Facebook and different destinations have communicated their sympathies to Marks. She is a widow who lived with her beloved pet. Colby was her best friend and losing him was annihilating.

"He is my baby. He was the most important thing. I mean, he was my companion." Marks said in a meeting.

An investigation by Chesterfield Animal Control is presently under way. Recent news shows that they decline to accept that the episode was a negligible mishap and they are making progress to find all the details. Petco ought to expect a colossal number of feedback on social media in the next few days in the wake of demonstrating they may not be so pet-accommodating truth be told.


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It is always difficult to find a place for the whole family to visit. Especially when a vacation involves leaving your furry friend at the hotel. We have put together what we consider to be the top destinations that you and your four legged buddy can enjoy! Please feel free to add your own suggestions to the list, this is a place for anyone and everyone to raise their voice!

Pet friendly hotels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
This is a great destination where your dog can run free. With numerous dog parks in walking distance from some great pet friendly hotels in the area, it makes it a perfect destination for long walks in the park, frisbee throwing or just watching your little one run with the wind through their fur!

Pet friendly hotels in Kn...

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